Wednesday, June 11, 2008


On Tuesday the team drove back from the game preserve in Zambia. This was essentially a rewind of the drive out. 6 hours is a long drive in African driving conditions. And this assumes that there are no mechanical problems with the bus.

On Wednesday the plan is to visit Frederic's Orphanage. I don't have a lot of details on what the plans are at this orphanage. But as with all orphanages in Africa, this is a real issue with the impact of aids. It is truly at a scale so much more massive than what we experience here in the states.

On a different note, Palmer has had a real experience. He had the opportunity to slide down the emergency evacuation slide on his way back to the United States. Mostly because one of the engines caught on fire. Fortunately the plane hadn't taken off yet, so he got away with a real scare only. Please pray for him. Now that he missed one leg of his flight, it will be a real challenge to make up the connections. Pray that he makes it back by Sunday!

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