Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eating in Malawi

Eating African food is sometimes fun, and sometimes a challenge. There's always the question... "Do I want to know what it is?" Tonight the Malawi team ate in the homes of the faculty of the African Bible College. This would be the same food that the staff eats on a regular basis.

Following is a sampling of the kinds of dishes that they might get to eat:
  • Fried Crickets
  • N'sima (starchy, pasty staple made from corn - mashed potatoes meets polenta)
  • Stewed pumkin greens
  • Chicken stew
  • Chambo fish (the whole thing, head, eyes and all)
For dessert, they will probably have either a soda or Malawian ice cream.

Note: While these are traditional Malawian foods, the represent a nice meal by Malawian standards. Be sure to ask the team about it when they get back.

One of the other interesting aspects of this evening is that the meal is in the home of the staff, along with their families. It presents a great opportunity to get a feel for how the Malawian people really live.

Keep praying. Much ministry remains.

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