Monday, August 24, 2009

Introducing - Malawi 2009

It's time to fire up The Grove Red Blog - 2009 Edition!

Yes, you might not have know, but we are getting ready to send over another team in September. It's not a big team with a grand strategy. It's a smallish team of people willing to see what God has in store for The Grove in Africa. They are traveling to Malawi in September to scout out the opportunities and the needs and bring a report back to us. This will help us plan as we go forward for the big push to send as many as possible to Malawi in 2010.

The team will leave Phoenix on September 3 but not get into Lilongwe Malawi until September 5 ("Are we there yet?"). After 9 days on the ground in Africa, they will leave on the 16th and get back to Phoenix on the 17. A tidy little 2 week trip.

During the time they are in Africa, we will stay in contact with them using the world wide web. As often as possible - up to several times per day - we'll post information here about what God is doing with the team over in Africa. So bookmark this page and come back often so you will know how to pray for them and can celebrate with them what God is doing.

Before they leave we'll post a little bit of their story (and even a picture or two) so you can firmly fix in mind who is representing you on the other side of the world. Get prayed up. The work is about to begin!

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