Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3 Update

We have hit some technical glitches with the live updates from Malawi. But rest assured that we are working on it as diligently as possible. Meanwhile here is the information we have for what is going on today.

Just as every day this week, the day begins with chapel at the ABC campus. As long as the students are here, this will be the start for every day.

Today the team is going out to the village of Mtzilisa with Children of the Nations. Lunch will be a sack lunch - sandwiches and other food that can be carried in with the team. Activities will center around loving on the people in the village and probably distributing mosquito nets.

Some of the people on the team are sponsoring children (orphans) through Children of the Nations. I know it will be a very big deal for them to see "their child" face to face.

Tonight, dinner will be back at the ABC campus. Rather than dining room fare, they will be splitting up and going to the homes of the staff to have dinner.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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