Friday, June 6, 2008

Mgawi Villiage - Thursday

On Thursday the team went to Mgawi village. Last year a team visited there and saw the amount of work and energy expended bringing water to the village. It had to be carried from far away in jugs. Coming back Paul Gunther led a drive to raise money to build them a well.

Below is a slide show of pictures from the village. You can see that the kids thronged the camera every where the team went.

In addition to checking out the well, the team also distributed mosquito nets to the villagers. Going forward, we know that lives will be saved in the village because of this.

Thursday evening the team will get to attend the African Bible College Senior Banquet at the Capitol Hotel. This is a big deal for the Seniors at ABC and it is wonderful that the team gets to be a part of it.

Keep remembering the team in prayer. This is a fun time but also exhausting. Everything is different, and this can wear on them over time.

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