Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday September 8 - In the Villiages

Today's post courtesy of Mark Ruff

Tuesday was a fantastic day! We were able to spend time in the villages of Chipampha and Malika wh
ich surround the church at Chiuza. The village that we thought we were going to was Chiuza but we found out that Chiuza is actually the name of the church and the villages are named after the chiefs.

I think all of us were struck by the friendliness and openness of the people. We saw things in person that most people will never have the benefit of seeing.

The villages are about 8 miles away from African Bible College near Lilongwe.

God’s timing on this trip, as always, has been impeccable. About a month before our trip, the Christians in one of these villages changed chiefs because of what they felt was persecution by the Gulywonkulu -- or witch doctors. Our arrival was a sign of answered prayers
on their part.

The chief, Amfumu Malika, said she’d been a Christian for many years but the Jesus had only become real to her in recent years.
It is late now. The ladies, Kim Franken and Jennifer Job, are out visiting a birthing clinic right now at 8 pm. The men came back to their dorm room to find a bat in their room. Your pastor, Paul Gunther, acted like a little girl but he’s all better now that the bat has been removed.

God is doing great things in Malawi and with the team you are supporting. We are tired and dirty but each night we are extremely excited for the next day.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers. We love you and be assured that The Grove has a presence in Malawi.

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