Sunday, September 6, 2009

Arrival... At Last!

Yesterday we all were very tired from the flights and went right to sleep after dinner. Here is what we have done so far...

We were greeted by Paul Chinchen and Michelle Clark (sister of Chris Clark from COTN). We got our first taste of the poverty in Africa for instance we noticed fires in the fields and Paul told us that it is the children that set them to smoke out the mice then they use a stick to kill them as they ran from the flames. Then we know his story was truthful when we saw people selling mice on a stick on the corners. By the way, you can buy about 10 mice on a stick for around $1.00 USD. (157 Kwatchas - Malawian money)

After unloading our stuff at ABC we were able to drive to the village of Mgwayi. We saw the people of village using the well that the Grove put in last year. It was so exciting to actually see it and know that it was being used. It is a good to know that because of the Grove's support this village has clean safe water. We were able to interact with some of the children. They loved having their pictures taken with the digital cameras and then showing them their picture. They asked us our name and were proud to tell us their name. They were full of big smiles and loved the dum-dum suckers that we passed out. We we saw women carrying firewood for the night on their head and babyies in slings on their back. It was a great first experience for this group and has really got us excited about going to Chiuza. After dinner at ABC we all headed for bed. It had been 31 hours of airplanes and airports and most of us were on about 3 hours sleep.

Sunday Sept 6th -
We all went to church at the chapel on campus, then we headed out for some exploring and shopping in the town of Dedza about 1 1/2 hour away.

Some of us are really feeling the effects of the widespread poverty of Malawi. We brainstormed about how our week was going to play out and what our ultimate mission for this trip and many more trips will entail. Before we all go into the village, we need to get permission from the chief. Which we heard was now a woman. Hopefully we can accomplish this in the morning and all go out there soon. One of the missionaries suggested to establish good will we come with two white chickens. If I get a picture of Paul bringing them to the chief I will definily upload it for everyone's viewing pleasure. But Paul seems hesitate to take this advise. (We are all pushing for it).

Hopefully I can get to a computer tomorrow and be able to send some pictures too.

Jennifer Job

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Anonymous said...

Come on, Paul! Bring the chickens!
We are glad you all made it safely. How exciting to see your generosity from last year at work! We wonder if the children have mice-catching games and see who can stab the most mice and if the kid that gets the most is the cool kid. Did you bring your hot sauce for the mice-on-a-stick? Hot sauce makes everything better ;-)
Our prayers are with you guys and we love you.
OH FYI- every team in the Big Ten won this weekend... Michigan looked strong with a 31-7 win. OSU beat Navy, but barely. Their defense looked bad, but I'm sure practice will be tough this week for the USC game this week. Michigan has Notre Dame during Katie's relocation to St. Louis, so there will be a 3 hour break from driving around 3:30 ish to "give the car a rest".
Continue spreading God's love...
Amr and Katie