Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday - September 7th, 2009

Today's post courtesy of Jennifer Job

We all went to chapel today on campus with the students at African Bible College. Paul Guenther spoke at the service and handed out copies of his book “Cheap Black Bracelet” to all of the seniors and Live Love bracelets to all of the students.

We were able to go into India town (downtown) today and purchase 20 mosquito nets. It was a very busy downtown full of street vendors, little shops with baggers that were mostly disabled. It resembled a typical border town like Nogales.

We have been staying on campus at ABC in their new housing that was built for guest. They have been wonderful accommodations and they even have a cook that has been providing us with some great meals. We were able to help them with a couple projects they had around campus.

We spent most of the evening further brainstorming about our visit to the village tomorrow. Paul and Steve were able to meet with Charles, a former student at ABC, who will go with us tomorrow to make the formal introductions between us and the village. We have put together our good will gifts for the chiefs and elders of the village. We have learned today that we are not required to bring two white chickens, rather they could gift us the two white chickens. Again, good photo opportunity may arise.

Fields burning to drive the mice out where they could be caught.

Corey sitting with some African children

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you guys as you meet the village. We love you.
Amr and Katie