Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 1: Travel to Africa

Throughout the Malawi 09 trip we will get updates from the team on the ground. Come back frequently to see what is going on and what you can pray for!

Friday, September 4
We are currently in Kenya right now and will be leaving here in about an hour. Flights so far have been smooth.

First there was a 10 hour flight from Phx to London. We had a 7 hour lay over in London but because we had 11 boxes along with our luggage and had to transport them all between 2 terminals we were unable to leave and see the city. We have a long lay over on our way back home so we will try to go into the city on our way home due to not having to bring the boxes back with us. The boxes were full of books, team uniforms, and requests made by the African Bible College. Some of us have brought along items to distribute to the children in the villages such as dum-dum suckers, rubber braclets, shoes, and hats.

Then we had about an 8 hour flight from London to Keyna. With a 4 hour lay over here.
Everyone is excited to get to Malawi and looking forward to get down to the tasks ahead of us. This group has great dynamics with a good mix of working together to get things done along with a great sense of humor. We are looking forward to seeing what God has planned for us in this project.

I will send you another e-mail when we get to Malawi.



Anonymous said...

ROCK ON JAY!!! We all appreciate what you are doing. We love you and may God guide you and the team to change Malawi in His way.
Love, Amr and Katie

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