Friday, May 30, 2008

Malawi Team Prayer Requests

The Malawi team is off to Africa today. Before leaving, I got a list of prayer requests from Steve Hosel, the team leader. He asked on behalf of the team that everyone at The Grove would remember these requests during their daily prayers. Feel free to print this list out and put in on your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror. Any place that will keep these requests fresh in your mind.

Please Pray...
  • For safe travels
  • That our supplies make it with us
  • That everyone will completely give themselves to the Lord while on this mission so He can use us the way He wants to
  • Also, prayers that I (Steve) will gain wisdom as the representative and team leader of this awesome group of people as we travel throughout Malawi
We are thankful for our supporters which allowed us ALL to go; no one left behind! Also for our Grove family who will be helping us fight malaria through there generosity of over $3000 for mosquito nets! WOW!!!

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